It was in 1950 when the brothers Joan and Josep Nogues i Sirvan created PRINTING NOGUÉS. For three decades they managed printing and became the benchmark of the region until 1980, Joan Galceran and Nogues, son and nephew of the founders took charge of the family business with the clear intention of extending the radius of action of the company.

In the early 90’s, the company renamed itself NORPRINT SA and expanded opening facilities in Girona and Barcelona.

From the three facilities, we try to offer a quality service to all our customers, wherever they are, and so we become the close printing and trusted by more than a thousand clients around.

Many things have changed since 1950. Technologies, products and our customers’ needs, market’s demands… But we managed to keep the essence of what was and is our hallmark, persona and personalized treatment to each of our clients and their projects, the seriousness and the need to fulfil our commitments and respect and the passion for our work are now, as they were over 60 years our main values.